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Ride the wave of ecstasy with Vitamin Sea, a seductive silicone c-ring with six mind-blowing speeds and pulsing patterns. Slip Vitamin’s flexible ring over his penis for intense, pleasure-amplifying pressure, then position the vibrator toward your clitoris to experience explosive sensations underwater and beyond.


6 exhilarating speeds and pulsing patterns

Silky soft silicone

Waterproof and rechargeable

featuring the Hydrathrill motor This exclusive technology vibrates with an ultra-penetrating, low frequency that travels best through liquid … and because our bodies are 75% water, it’s perfectly designed to send intense vibrations through every inch of your body, helping you experience deeper, longer-lasting orgasms.

Compatible with Pure Charge USB Cord C


To charge product, use USB power adapter provided. There is a small circular indentation below the CE marking on the side opposite the power button. Push the charger prong into this circular indentation for charging. Light will illuminate and flash while product is charging. When product is fully charged, light will stop flashing and remain illuminated. To turn on, hold power button for two seconds. To cycle through speeds and pulsing patterns, push power button. To turn off, hold power button for two seconds.

Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Cleansing Mist.